Santa's New Route: Your Gift Turned To Cheer and Charity for Kids! 🎁🌲

This year again, we’ve decided to spend our Christmas gifts budget by sending all the money in your name, our client, to non-profit organization Zajicek na Koni that helps children and families to cope with difficult life situations.

Thank you for enabling this to happen.💛

Stories of lives put on a brighter path

Věra, a young woman with a heart full of dreams, is gearing up for university. She's not just a big sister to three siblings—she's their guiding star. Despite her own father being absent since day one and her mom juggling life with three more kids from a father overseas, Věra steps up, handling the nitty-gritty of family life like a superhero.

Mom, navigating work and changing homes, and Věra, with determination and independence, face the world together. Věra works hard, not just for herself but to pave the way for a brighter future.

As an organization, we've managed to secure a cozy little haven for Věra in Prague, and we're on an exciting journey, side by side with Věra and her side hustles, to gather the funds needed for rent. This isn't just about an apartment; it's a chance for Věra to keep living her normal life, pursuing her studies with unwavering determination. Together, we're weaving a story of hope, resilience, and a future filled with possibilities. 🌟

Mohim is a remarkable young soul among four siblings. Together with his mom and siblings, he embarked on a journey several years ago, fleeing Sudan in the face of political upheavals. His father faced imprisonment in Sudan, returned after six years, and then once again parted ways with the family.

Despite these challenges, Mohi persists in his studies, tackling high school remotely while also working hard to make ends meet. He's a beacon of strength and determination. Mohi, navigating through life's complexities, could use the support of those around him to conquer it all. Together, let's be the pillars that help Mohi build a bridge to his dreams. 💫

Alex, at the age of 15, spends a good chunk of his time in the gym after school and enjoys riding his freestyle scooter. He shares a home solely with his mom, who is going through a challenging time mentally. Towards the end of the last year, she lost her job, and despite her persistent efforts, finding a new one has proven to be a tough journey.

In the face of financial strain, the family is grappling with basic needs, and Alex's mom is struggling to make ends meet. Their situation is undoubtedly difficult.

Thank you for extending your help to this family. Your support is making a meaningful difference in their lives.

Kamilka, a shining 9-year-old, carries a unique constellation of challenges: she can't hear, speak, or use sign language. Her journey involves a blend of conditions—KBG syndrome, Rett-like syndrome, bipolar disorder, autism, mental retardation, and more. This year, Kamilka stepped into the second grade of a special school for the deaf. However, it became apparent that her complex combination of challenges made this school less suitable for her.

Mom worked her magic and found Kamilka a new school where she started in September, surrounded by a team that includes her very own personal guide. To support Kamilka's education, the family had to relocate. Mom, a superhero in her own right, is raising three more little ones—Jan, the eldest and mentally challenged, and the adorable twins, Štefa and Šíma. Dad is absent, showing no interest or contribution to the family.

Despite teetering on the edge of poverty, Mom is determined to provide all her children with the best care and love. This Christmas, let's be the guiding stars that illuminate Kamilka's journey and bring warmth to her family's home. 🌟🎄

Dan, at the tender age of 11, is a bright lad with a knack for learning and a love for football. He's got a younger sister, Kamilka, by his side. Their dad, a true champion, takes care of them both, stepping up when their mom, grappling with a long history of substance abuse, walked away from the family. After a two-year methadone rehabilitation, unfortunately, she decided to end the treatment and return to the clutches of addiction.

Dad, despite juggling a lot, provides a loving and caring environment for the kids. He's not only a fantastic caregiver but also incredibly hardworking. However, the family is grappling with financial strains.

This Christmas, let's be the stars that brighten up Dan and Kamilka's world. Your support will make a significant difference in their lives. 🌟🎄

Kamilka, at the sweet age of 6, embarked on her first-grade journey this year. She's an incredibly bright and beautiful young girl. Kamilka has a little brother, Daník, whom she cherishes, and who takes wonderful care of her. Their dad, the sole caretaker of both children, is a true pillar of support. Unfortunately, their mom, grappling with a history of substance abuse, walked away from the family. After successfully completing a two-year rehabilitation, she regrettably relapsed into the clutches of addiction.

Dad, tirelessly working to make ends meet, lives a humble life. Despite his hard work, finances remain a constant challenge for the family.

This Christmas, let's be the stars that illuminate Kamilka and Daník's world. Your support will bring warmth and hope to their lives. 🌟🎄

Šimon is a resilient young boy facing developmental dysphasia. He lives with his little brother and their mom. Unfortunately, their dad has found a new partner and has lost interest in the children. Mom works as a school janitor, putting in all her effort, but struggles to secure enough finances to cover the basic needs of her children. In addition to caring for Šimon, who has a disability, and his brother, she also manages the long-distance care of her elderly mother. This year, their dad passed away, adding to the challenges she faces.

Her plate is overwhelmingly full, and thanks to your support, she's already feeling a lot of relief. 🌟🎄

Simona is a delightful young lady with a heart as warm as a Christmas fireplace. Her journey has been tough—losing her dad at five and her mom a few years ago. While living with her sister was a chapter, Simona decided to embrace a new one and live on her own.

Simona battles significant mental health challenges, grappling with profound depression that makes it challenging for her to sustain long-term employment. Despite feeling incredibly alone, she strives for a fulfilling life, aspiring to make a positive impact. However, the road is tough, with substantial financial difficulties adding to the weight on her shoulders.

She cherishes any help she receives and finds solace in the emotional support of those around her. Simona actively gives back by volunteering in the Charity organization and assisting with food bank distribution. She's not just a volunteer but also a recipient.

This Christmas, we're seeking support for Simona—help with rent, covering medical expenses, and ensuring basic necessities. Your kindness and generosity will make a significant difference in her life. Thank you so much for your support. 🌟🎄

Verunka, an 11-year-old sweetheart, is in the fifth grade. She adores swimming, gymnastics, and has a special fondness for painting. Verunka also has a little brother, Mareček. Their family, led by a single mom, navigates life without a father, and financially, it's not an easy journey.Your kindness has added a sprinkle of joy to their lives. Thank you for your heartwarming support. 🌟🎄

Mareček, at the tender age of eight, is passionate about both soccer and judo. He also has a little sister, Verunka, by his side. Their family, navigating life without a father, faces financial challenges that cast a shadow over their days. Their mom, a true hero, manages everything on her own.

In the spirit of the festive season, we extend a heartfelt plea for support for this family. Your kindness and generosity will surely bring warmth and joy to their home. 🌟🎄

This family of four is navigating a tough stretch. Mom's on the job hunt, and dad's hopping between occasional gigs. With all four kids hitting the books, expenses are soaring. Yet, this spirited family holds onto each other with love and optimism. They know that being together is what truly matters. Their togetherness and the joy they share when everyone is under one roof are treasures they hold dear. Your support can sprinkle some extra warmth into their journey. 🌟💚

Anežka, at 7 years old, came into the world facing significant challenges. She was born with a complex set of conditions affecting her skeleton, macrocephaly, along with retardation and diagnosed autism. Her mom is her constant caretaker. However, this year has been especially tough for her mom, dealing with prolonged and serious health issues. Taking care of little Anežka requires extra effort.

Anežka's dad faces a chronic illness, hindering full-time work. With three siblings, the family's finances are strained. Despite challenges, Anežka's mom is unwavering in her commitment to her children's happiness.

With our support, her journey will be a bit brighter, and she can continue working towards making her children content and happy. 🌟💕

Meet an incredible single mom, who, despite life's twists, has been a beacon of strength for her son since his dad passed away. She made a bold move from a foreign land to the Czech Republic years ago, armed with a university education. Though she's currently in a job that doesn't fully reflect her qualifications, she embraces it with a heart full of optimism. Even in her part-time position, she pours all she has into her son's education and interests. Every bit of support for this wonderful duo is a burst of sunshine in their lives. 🌞💕

Mom lives with her two wonderful kids—a little girl facing significant challenges with a radiant spirit and a lively little boy. Maruška requires round-the-clock care, under the watchful eyes of many doctors, as she battles a severe genetic condition. Despite the hurdles, Mom dedicates herself to both kids with boundless love and care. Thank you for bringing joy and support to this lovely family during the festive season. 🌟🎄

Mom and dad have two lovely children. They care for an 11-year-old girl with severe autism. Dad would love for Myška to enjoy horseback riding, as it brings her so much joy and calmness. Horses hold a special place in her heart, providing a tranquil escape. Their other daughter is healthy. It's the dad who tailored his career to care for their autistic daughter, and with their budget, horseback riding is a luxury they can't afford.

In the festive spirit, let's join hands to bring a smile to little Myška. Your support will make horseback rides a reality and fill their home with holiday cheer. 🌟🎄

Would you like to add to the donation yourself?

Zajicek na Koni provides material and financial support to people with physical & mental disabilities, and also children and young people in difficult social situations. The donation we made will be used for new toys, clothing, hobbies, and everything that will help improve their lives.

As with any charity, the more donations they receive, the more lives they can change. So we are inviting you to join this initiative and make a contribution of any size. Every little bit helps.


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IBAN: CZ58 2010 0000 0020 0073 8020
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Thank you for any kind of contribution, you did the right thing.

About the organization

Zajíček na koni o.p.s. (transl. Bunny on a horse) is a non profit organization which provides material and financial support for people with physical & mental disabilities, and also children and young people in difficult life situations.

They do so by running a lovely coffee place, providing horse-riding therapy sessions, organizing integration summer camps and various sport activities.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Keboola